Thursday, March 10, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM A Guide to Purchasing Rugby Equipment

SAUDI TURF TEAM A Guide to Purchasing Rugby Equipment
As any other sport played today, rugby too requires a number of specialized equipment to aid players to carry out a fair and successful encounter between two teams. A grisly and entirely physical game, players have to expect a few tugs and blows. But with many performances wear and equipment manufacturers offering a wide range of items to choose from players have the possibility to reduce injuries and enjoy a good game of rugby.

With the approval of the International Rugby Board (IRB)
which is the governing body for the game of rugby, headgear which is used for protection is manufactured using a light synthetic substance which has the capability to alleviate serious impact. Another piece of equipment that a rugby player should own is gum shield which not only offers protection to a player's gums and teeth but also acts as an aid in reducing the damage which can grow around the jaw line. Gum shields are usually individually molded to fit each player.

The rugby kit which usually consists of rugby shorts, rugby shirts and rugby boots are the main three components that is usually given priority to. Shorts which are mainly found in cotton have reinforced side seams and pockets with elastic waistbands and tie cords. Fusion shorts which do not include pockets are also available which are produced to match fusion shirts. Shirts which are more commonly known as rugby jerseys are generally knitted to perfection to resist the tugging and pulling that is always encountered in the field of rugby. They also require being comfortable yet strong and also light weight which in turn will not affect the players' speed.

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