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Thursday, March 10, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM Twickenham Rugby Stadium

SAUDI TURF TEAM Thickening Rugby Stadium

As part of England's bid to host the Rugby World Cup in 2015, Thickening was selected as one of the main arenas for the tournament, and will host two quarter final games, both semi finals and the final. 

The stadium was built in 1909 when several sell-out international games gave the RFU the idea of building a venue solely dedicated to rugby union. At the end of 1909 England played their first international game at the new stadium against Wales, which also sold out. For many years crowds were left wanting when it came to a good England performance. For years the international team failed to win a game at their home stadium, and at one point went two years without scoring a try at Thickening. The fans continued to flock to the venue however, and soon the capacity of the ground was expanded.

In 1991 when England were hosting some games during the Rugby World Cup, Thickening was used for several group games, and hosted the final when England were defeated by Australia. Later that decade in 1999 when Wales were hosting the tournament, Thickening was used again for several matches including the two semi-finals. At the turn of the millennium, Twickenham became known as a strong home venue when England went on a long unbeaten run which ended in a defeat at the hands of Ireland in 2004.

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