Thursday, February 25, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM THE Beach Volleyballs

SAUDI TURF TEAM THE Beach Volleyballs

Since the introduction of volleyball years and years ago, the sport continues to be one of the most popular and most loved sport. Beach volleyball is particularly popular and has a large following of enthusiasts who go to beaches or campgrounds where volleyball play is offered as an activity.

Beach volleyball is played on sand courts and a team consists of y two players instead of six. It has the same set of rules as a typical volleyball game. There are some exceptions, such as court measurement, indoor volleyball has 9 by 9 court while beach volleyball has 8 by 8. Players are not allowed an overhand finger pass, looser rules on serve return, block always counts as the first contact, etc.

The main feature of beach volleyball is each team showcasing their ability to win the game using hand signals. Players signal their partner behind the back to signify what sort of play they plan to make. This is done s to avoid their opponents seeing play signals.

To enjoy playing beach volleyball, there are three basic rules that you must always keep in mind.

Net Play. You must know when you may or may not get near or completely under the net. It is also essential that you know every change made in the rules. In 2005, "let" serve was introduced on the beach.

Playing the ball. Since beach volleyball is about scoring a point with tossing or passing the ball, it is important that you know the basics on how to play the ball.

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